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Kenny Stewart's Known Genealogy: STEWART FAMILY

Note: I'm including some notes from my cousin Joan that are not confirmed at this time (7/14/2006) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
# ID: I0046
# Sex: M
# Death: BEF. 1802 in GA
# Event: AKA (Facts Pg) Stewart
# Note:

Provided material aid during the American Revolution. Records at the Henry Co. VA courthouse show:
William Stewart is also allowed for 200 lbs. beef, 2 bushels corn, 11 diets, and pasturage for 45 head of cattle furnished the said com'r as appears by cert.
William Stewart is allowed for 45 bushels of corn furnished the hospital at Colonel Perkins' under the direction of Dr. Brown.
William Stewart is also allowed for 8 diets for the same.

Moved to Wilkes Co. GA in 1784, along with the Lloyd brothers (John and James) and son Charles' family.



1. Has Children SARAH STUARD b: BET. 1747 - 1750 in Virginia
2. Has No Children John STUARD
3. Has Children Charles STEWART b: ABT. 1757
4. Has Children Mary STUARD
5. Has No Children Elizabeth STUARD

First (Confirmed) Generation

1.William (?) Stewart born before 1748, died before 1802 in NC or VA. m. Rachel (Morgan (?)). Rachel born before 1750, died after 1828 in Pulaski, KY Known Children of William (?) and Rachel: 2. M Charles B. Stewart: born 1765/67, died after 8/28/1815 in Pulaski, KY 3. F Mary Stewart: born 1769/72, died before 8/3/1833 in Pulaski, KY 4. M David Stewart: born 1774/75, died 5/1823 (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR) 5. F Elizabeth Stewart: born 1780/83 in Henry, VA, d. in Pulaski, KY Note: It is theorized that Golman/Goldman Stewart mentioned throughout the research may also be a child or other close relative of this family.

Second Generation

2.Charles B. Stewart m. Betsey Ingeldove 11/26/1801 in Wythe, VA. Marriage ended in divorce. Betsey was born 1782/83 in VA Children of Charles and Betsey: 6. F b. 1800/10 Wythe, VA 7. F b. 1800/10 Wythe, VA 8. F b. 1800/10 Wythe, VA 9. M b. 1800/10 Wythe, VA 3.Mary Stewart m. (1) Mr. Davidson about 1790/91. Davidson d. 1802/04 in VA Children of Mary and Mr. Davidson: 10. M Henry Davidson: b. 1792/93 in VA, m. Betsey Boogits 3/4/1815 in Pulaski, KY 11. M James Davidson: b. 1795/96 12. F Rachel Stewart Davidson: b. 1799/1802 in VA. Rachel m. William L. Burton, son of William Burton and Elizabeth Kizzee on 12/3/1818 in Pulaski, KY. William was b. 1798 in Pittsylvania Co., VA 13. F Peggy Davidson: b. 1802/05 in Wythe, VA. Peggy m. David Buster on 2/6/1826 in Pulaski, KY 3.Mary Stewart also married (2) Mr. Lambert 1804 in Wythe, VA Children of Mary Stewart and Mr. Lambert: 14. M Michael Lambert: b. 1805/07 in Wythe, VA. Michael m. Nancy Floyd 1/1/1829 in Pulaski, KY. Nancy b. 1807 15. F Eliza Lambert: b. 1807/10 4.David Stewart (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR son of ? and Rachel Stewart). David was born 1774/75 in Henry Co., VA. He died May 1823 in Pulaski, KY. David m. Sarah Elizabeth Carter ('Sally'), daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Carter, on 12/24/1801 in Wythe, VA. Sally b. 1785/86 in VA. She d. after 1860 in Pulaski, KY Children of David and Sally: 16. F Elizabeth Stewart: b. 8/3/1804, d. 3/14/1891 17. M John Stewart: b. 8/31/1806 in Wythe, VA m. Avis Johnson 7/4/1827 18. F Angelina Stewart: b. 1810, d. 1860/70 19. M William Carter Stewart: b. 1809/11, d. 1/8/1852 (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR) 20. M Lorenzo Dow Stewart: b. 1810 in Wythe, VA d. after 1870 in Oregon. Lorenzo m. Margaret Henley 2/25/1831 21. F Susanna Stewart: b. 1811 in Wythe, VA m. (1) Calvin Canafax 9/13/1827 m. (2) Mr. Buford 22. F Julia A. Stewart: b. 1813/14, d. 1850 23. M (unknown male): b. 1814/20, in Adair, KY 24. M David Porter Stewart: b. 1816/18,d. 2/7/1859 5.Elizabeth Stewart m. (1) John Salisbury 3/12/1803 in Rowan, NC Children of Elizabeth and John Salisbury: 25. M Daniel Salisbury: b. 1807/10, d. after 1870 5. Elizabeth also m. (2) Peter Henley on 12/17/1807 in Wythe, VA. Peter was born 1740/60 in VA or NC. He died after 1840 in Pulaski, KY.

Third Generation

11.James Davidson b. 1795/96 in VA. James m. (1) Jane Williams on 4/26/1818 in Pulaski, KY Children of James Davidson and Jane Williams: 26. M Joseph Davidson: b. 1823 in Pulaski, KY 11.James also m. (2) Polly Raney on 2/9/1826 in Pulaski, KY Children of James Davidson and Polly Raney: 27. F Elizabeth Davidson: b. 1831 in Pulaski, KY 28. F Lydia Davidson: b. 1832 in Pulaski, KY 29. F Anna Davidson: b. 1834 in Pulaski, KY 30. M William Davidson: b. 1839 in Pulaski, KY 15.Eliza Lambert b. 1807/10 in Wythe, VA. She m. William Tarter on 12/22/1828 in Pulaski, KY. William was b. 1809. Children of Eliza Lambert and William Tarter: 31. F Kezia Tarter: b. 1830 in Pulaski, KY 32. M Fountain Tarter: b. 1832 in Pulaski, KY 16.Elizabeth Stewart b. 8/3/1804 in Wythe, VA d. 3/14/1891 in Talladega, AL and was buried in Bethel Cemetery, Talladega, AL. She m. Josia Samuel Gover on 4/20/1824. Josia was b. 1804 in VA. Children of Elizabeth Stewart and Josia Gover: 33. F Juretta Gover: b. 1825 in Pulaski, KY 34. M David Stewart Gover: b. 1831 in Pulaski, KY 35. F Sarah J. Gover: b. 1833 in Talladega AL 36. F Permelia Gover: b. 1835 in Talladega AL 37. M Josia Lorenzo Gover: b. 1837 in Talladega AL 38. F Melvina Gover: b. 1841 in Talladega AL 39. F Ellen Gover: b. 1845 in Talladega AL 40. M Thomas J. Gover: b. 1848 in Talladega AL 18.Angelia Stewart b. 1810 in Wythe, VA d. 1860/70 in Pulaski, KY. She m. Calvin Carter, son of Charles and Elizabeth Carter, on 12/26/1832 in Pulaski, KY. Calvin was b. 1803 in Wythe, VA. Children of Angelina Stewart and Calvin Carter: 41. F Fanny D. Carter: b. 1832 in KY 42. M William H. Carter: b. 1838 in KY 43. M John T. Carter: b. 1841 in KY 44. F Martha C. Carter: b. 1844 in KY 45. M George B. Carter: b. 1847 in KY 46. M Albert Talbot Carter: b. 9/23/1855 in Sinking Creek, Pulaski, KY 19.William Carter Stewart (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR son of David and Sarah/Sally Stewart) b. 1809/11 in Wythe, VA. He d. 1/8/1852 in Pulaski, KY. William m. Phebe Reed, daughter of Alexander Reed (Phebe's mother unknown), 7/6/1832 in Pulaski, KY. Phebe was b. 1811/12 in KY and d. after 1880 in Pulaski, KY. Children of William Carter Stewart and Phebe Reed: 47. M John Fife Marion Stewart: (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR) b. 12/18/1838 in Pulaski, KY. He d. 12/22/1809 in Pulaski, KY and was buried in Old Carson Cemetery, Pulaski, KY. John m. (1) Amanda J. Burton on 12/6/1866 in Pulaski, KY. Amanda was b. 1836 in Pulaski, KY. JFMS also m. (2) Mary Helene Vaught, daughter of George Vaught and Susan Neikirk, 2/8/1874 in Pulaski, KY. Mary was b. 12/2/1849/50 in SOmerset, Pulaski, KY. She d. 5/27/1832 in McCreary, KY and was buried in Old Carson Cemetery, Pulaski, KY See section below on my branch... 48. F Martha O. Stewart: b. 1843 in Wayne, KY 49. F Mary Ann Stewart: b. 1846/47 in Wayne, KY d. after 1880 in Pulaski, KY. Mary m. Perry Milton Rainwater on 5/10/1874 in Pulaski, KY. Perry was b. 1853 in KY 50. M James Henry Stewart: b. 2/27/1850 in KY. He d. 11/1/1917 in Ohio Township, Spencer, IN and was buried in Tennyson, Warrick, IN. James m. Sarah Wallace, daughter of ? and Martha Wallace, on 9/3/1869 in Warrick, IN. Sarah was b. 1848 in IN. 22.Julia A. Stewart b. 1813/14 in Pulaski, KY d. 1850. Julia m. Ellis Burton on 9/28/1833. Ellis was b. 1804/05 in KY. Children of Julia Stewart and Ellis Burton: 51. F Angelina Burton: b. 1835 in KY 52. F Isabelle Burton: b. 1836 in KY 53. M Logan Burton: b. 1838 in KY 54. M Lorenzo Burton: b. 1841 in KY 55. M L. E. Burton: b. 1843 in KY 56. M Ebenezer Burton: b. 1845 in KY 57. M Jefferson Burton: b. 1848 in KY 24.David Porter Stewart b. 1816/18 in Adair, KY. He d. 2/7/1859 in Pulaski, KY. David m. Nancy C. Hudson b. 1821/22 in KY. Children of David P. Stewart and Nancy Hudson: 58. M Robert Stewart: b. 1842 in Pulaski, KY 59. F Mary Stewart: b. 1844 in Pulaski, KY 60. M William Stewart: b. 1846 in Pulaski, KY 61. M John Stewart: b. 1849 in Pulaski, KY 25.Daniel Salisbury (Elizabeth Stewart (? and Rachel Stewart) & John Salisbury) b. 1807/10 in NC. He d. after 1870. Daniel m. Nancy Wilson on 2/2/1831 in Wayne, KY. Nancy was b. 1811/12 in TN. She d. after 1870. Children of Daniel Salisbury and Nancy Wilson: 62. M James D. Slaisbury: b. 1832/33 in KY 63. M John Salisbury: b. 1836/37 in KY 64. F Mary Salisbury: b. 1840/41 in KY 65. M Marshall H. Salisbury: b. 1847/48 in KY 66. F Margaret Salisbury: b. 1848/49 in KY I have a small amount of information for some of these later Stewart relatives. I also have a small amount of information on my Vaught ancestors.

Family and Descendants of John Fife Marion Stewart and Mary Helene Vaught

1.George W. Stewart: b. 2.James F. Stewart: b. 3.Thomas Henderson Stewart: b. 1/28/1879 in Pulaski, KY (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR) m. 12/3/1904 in Stearns, KY Edna Dupee b. 11/23/1886 in Whitley, KY son: Alonzo Samuel Stewart b. 6/26/1906 in Wilder, TN (Fentress Co.) (MY DIRECT ANCESTOR) m. Willa Lee West b. 2/18/1910 in Whitewood Co., VA d.2/1995 parents: Harve George West b. 12/17/1885 in Smyth Co., VA m. Ella Frances Childress b. 11/10/1886 in Smyth Co., VA son (1) John Burton Stewart: b. 9/9/1939 in Ravenscliff, WVa d. 5/1/1996 in Fairfax, VA (MY FATHER) m. ??? Norma Janice Brown b. 2/23/1934 in ?? WVa d. 7/19/1998 in Fairfax, VA son (1) Russell Dean Stewart: b. 4/21/1963 in Arlington, VA son (2) Kenneth Loyd Stewart: b. 7/12/1964 in Arlington, VA (ME!!) son (2) Robert ? Stewart: b. ??? m. ??? Judy Brooks b. son (1) Richard Lon Stewart b. 3/7/1967 son (2) Brian Stewart b. 2/7/1973 Thomas H. Stewart and Edna Dupee Family ctd... Mary Christine Stewart: b. 1/1909 d. 9/1986 m. John Jones - 1 son: Curtis b.6/11/1928, d.1/16/2005., then m. David Scott - 1 daughter Isabel (referred to as Mabel in original report). Roman Basil Stewart: b. 12/7/1910 d. 6/4/1964 m. Dorothy Johnson - died in 1943 during 4th child's birth. Children: Joyce Ann b. 1/7/1938 m. Jerry Argabrite. Had 1 son. Leroy b. 9/3/1939, 3 sons, 1 daughter. Glenda b. 10/7/1941 m. Gerald Frisbal. Had 3 or 4 sons and 1 daughter. Roman then m. Vola Huston and had the following children: Etta Faye b. 5/27/1945 m. Art Schneider. Lester b. 4/7/1947. Had 2 daughters. Geneva b. 11/23/1948 m. Scott Moody. Caroline (or Carolyn) b. 6/17/1956 m. John Stasiewicz. Had 2 sons by former husband Willard Barbour. Leland b. 3/12/1950 m. Elizabeth baker. Had 1 son and 1 daughter. Jerry b. 9/25/1953 m. Leona McKinney Stan b. 1/29/1959 m. kelly ? Had 1 son and 2 daughters. Doyle b. 3/10/1960. Jack Samuel Bryan b. 9/2/1962. Obed Preston Stewart b. 5/21/1912 in Eubanks, KY d. 1966. Married Vioal Allen. Children: Wayne b. 11/1939 m. Linda Tollar. Had 1 son and 1 daughter. Tom b. 9/21/1942 m. Amy Chien. Had 1 son and 1 daughter. Charles Lee b. 6/1945 m. Aretha ? Rowland Betty d. 2006. Married John Graves. Had 3 daughters. David Allen b. 3/21/1956 in Pineville, WVa. My Uncle, David was adopted into Willa Stewart's family Viola Allen b. 8/14/1914 in Straight Creek, KY Aaron Moses Stewart b. 1/20/1917 d. 12/1988. Married and divorced Nell Leiser and had 1 son. Married (2) Maxine ? and had 1 daughter, Suzie. Martha Ruth Anna b. 4/5/1917? d. 1/2005. Married and divorced (1) Raymond Johnson. Had 1 daughter. Married (2) Down Daben?. Had 1 daughter. Caldwell b. 1919 d. 1923. Wesley Jacob b. 4/9/1921 d. 10/1981. Married Mary E. Brice. Had 1 daughter. Justus Calvin b. 2/15/1924 d. 10/11/1985. Married lovella Smith. No children. Leatrice Helena Stewart: b. 6/5/1926 d. 8/16/2005. 3 sons: Tony, Frank, Steve 1 daughter: Donetta. Bryan Augustus Stewart: b. 10/5/1927 m. 5/5/1951 Frances M. Hummel (?) b. 1/6/1932 Children: Cynthia Anne Stewart: b. 11/22/52 m. Dan Rattray. Had 2 daughters. Randall Bryan Stewart: b. 3/20/55 d. 11/18/61 Faron Robert Stewart: b. 7/13/59 m. Janet Wenning Lon Randall Stewart: b. 9/11/64 Angela Kay Stewart: b. 4/7/67 m. R. Doug White Arda Jean Stewart: died at 18 months. Last Modified: July 24, 2007
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